Winfashion International Co. Ltd headquarters are located in Minghang District, Shanghai. With ownership of 2 factories, Winfashion has strong production capabilities.
One of the factories is located in same office compound with headquarters. It is specialized in sewing circular knitting/woven coordinates for sweaters as well as other types of complicated or high-end garments.
Another factory is BSCI certified factory. In the location of Jintan City, Jiangsu Province, it is specialized in manufacturing different type of flat knitting garment.
    Winfashion International Co. Ltd is mainly engaged in manufacturing flat knitting ( 1.5G – 14G) garment and circular knitting garment, handling direct export and domestic trading.
Main export markets are Holland, France, Germany, US,Italy, Korea, Russia etc. Domestic products are for Cachecache, Senma, Lagogo, Gap, Basic House etc.
   Winfashion believes quality and honesty is the key for survival and growth. Therefore, every client is treated with good faith and every order is handled with seriousness. With good service and good quality, Winfashion is able to maintain good image in garment industry and win more and more business partners through recommendations from clients to clients.
   Winfashion is with well trained, professional and experienced working team. In order to take good care of its working team, Winfashion has been providing loving, relaxing and harmonious working environment for all its employees. With business expansion, Winfashion expects more and more people to join in.
    Winfashion herewith sincerely invites you to work with its professional team. With commitment to win-win situation, Winfashion is looking forward to sharing business success with you through good co-operations and good services.
     上海英梵秀紡織有限公司總部位于上海市閔行區。下屬有兩家工廠,一家是常州英泰克斯紡織有限公司,坐落在江蘇省常州市,生產各類毛針織服裝,長期通過歐洲BSCI論證;另一家是上海英莉緹服飾有限公司,位于公司附近,生產各類配套棉針織與梭織服裝,并能完成很多復雜精致的特殊訂單。公司主要從事各類毛針織(1.5G-14G)、棉針織服裝的生產與進出口貿易、國內貿易。外銷產品主要銷往荷蘭、法國、德國、美國、意大利、韓國、俄羅斯等國家,中國內銷產品主要客戶有CACHECACHE,森馬,拉谷谷、GAP,BASIC HOUSE等。公司本著質量至上、誠信經營的原則,在客戶中樹立了良好的形象,在同行業中建立了極好的口碑。公司憑借過硬的產品質量,優質守時的服務,日益成為國內外知名服裝生產商的最佳合作伙伴。公司擁有一支由長期從事紡織品行業的專業人士組成的強大工作團隊。公司倡導以人為本的管理理念,積極構建和諧、友愛、寬松的工作氛圍,隨著公司業務的不斷發展壯大,新生的力量也在源源不斷的加入。我們熱切的期待與有需求的有識之士合作,共創美好未來。

Tel:86-21-6413 6080  Fel:86-21-6413?7499


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